7 Signs It’s Time for Roofing Services in Overland Park

July 1, 2021

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Never put off needed roofing in Overland Park, as the longer you ignore signs of damage and missing shingles or tiles, the more extensive and costly those eventual repairs! Roof cracks and leaks also risk interior wood rot and mold, and those cracks let out your home’s heating and cooling increasing utility costs.

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If you’re like many homeowners, you might be very diligent about needed home repairs but don’t always know what signs to look for when it comes to roof damage. To help you keep your home in tiptop shape, note these 7 signs that it’s time for roofing in Overland Park, and call a roof repair contractor at the first indication of roof damage on your property.

1. Schedule Roofing in Overland Park for Missing Shingles

A sudden gust of wind can pull off a few shingles and this doesn’t necessarily mean your home needs extensive roof repair. A roofer can often replace those shingles for very little cost to you, and your roof will be in excellent condition once again.

However, large “bald spots” along the home’s roof or a few dozen missing shingles typically indicate that it’s time for repairs or reroofing. Aged shingles tend to get brittle so that they fall away from their connectors; once a few shingles begin to decay like this, more are likely to follow! Timely repairs keep roof damage to a minimum and protect the home from water leaks through those bare spots.

2. Buckling Means It’s Time for New Roofing for an Overland Park Home

Roof shingles should lie flat against each other and the roof structure underneath them. If you notice what appears to be buckling, curving, waves, or other unevenness, it’s probably time for new roofing! Old shingles curl up and create waving and buckling, no longer protecting the roof below, and they then need replacing.

3. Drafts and Stuffy Rooms Can Indicate Roof Damage

A home’s roof is a major part of its overall insulation, so holes in the roof, worn shingles, and other damage often result in cold drafts during wintertime or a stuffy feeling during warm summer months. You might also notice a spike in your utility bills or your home’s HVAC appliances cycling on more often than usual.

4. How Old Is the Roof?

As with all building materials, shingles and tiles wear out with age and will need eventual replacing no matter their quality or how much you paid for a new roof installation. Shingles might last some 20 years while clay tiles typically need replacing after 30 years or more.

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Note, too, that roofs on structures in areas with very harsh weather conditions often wear out sooner rather than later. The more rain, direct sunlight, and high winds beating down on those roofing materials, the sooner they’ll need replacing. If you’re not sure of the roof’s age or condition, schedule a full inspection so a roofing contractor can check for potential damage.

5. Look for Signs of Water Damage Inside the Home

Damaged plumbing pipes and resultant leaks can mean water stains on ceiling tiles, but a leaking roof also lets water drip into the home, resulting in water stains, wood rot, and mold. If you’ve ruled out all other causes of this water damage, have the roof checked for needed repairs or even roof replacement.

6. Sagging Roof? Schedule Roofing Services in Overland Park ASAP!

A sagging roof can indicate structural damage and the risk of the roof caving in. Not only does this mean expensive repairs but it can also be dangerous to anyone in the vicinity! If you stand on the sidewalk or across the street and notice what appears to be sagging areas along your home’s roof, schedule a roof inspection as quickly as possible.

7. Look for Granules and Nails in Gutters and Around Your Property

As shingles age or suffer storm damage, their protective granules usually end up in the home’s gutters or around the lawn near the house. Shingles pulling away from the roof structure will also mean loose nails and these will also end up in the gutters, along the lawn, and elsewhere.

Don’t overlook these granules, nails, and other parts of the roof that you might find scattered around your property, and they indicate old and worn shingles or shingles ready to fall away from the roof. Replacing worn shingles ensures the roof is always in good condition and avoids future damage to the roof structure and even your home itself!

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Overland Park Roofing is happy to bring this information to our readers and we hope it helped educate you about when it’s time for roofing in Overland Park. If you live in the area and see any of these roof damage indicators, call our trusted Overland Park, KS, roofing contractors. We can schedule a convenient roof inspection and offer a FREE quote for all the roofing you need to have done. For more information, give us a call today.

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