Fun Things to Do With a Toddler in Shawnee, KS

February 12, 2021

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Having young kids doesn’t mean you need to stay home and miss out on any fun, as there are lots of things to do with a toddler in Shawnee, KS, even as early as this weekend! For those who need something indoors and out of the city’s unpredictable weather, or who want to get out and get some fresh air with the family, you’re never without options in this quaint city. Whether you live in the area or are planning a visit, check out this short list of fun things to do with a toddler in Shawnee, KS.

Monkey Bizness

If you need something to do indoors, but aren’t quite ready to settle down and spend quiet time with your child, check out Monkey Bizness! This indoor playground is geared for younger children in particular, and provides a wide range of slides, bouncing stations, climbing walls, and much more.

All attractions at Monkey Bizness are family-friendly, with room for protective parents and their children to play together. You can even book a private party for your child and his or her friends! To find out more including COVID-19 restrictions and business hours, check out their website at

Leawood Aquatic Center

When it’s time to cool off with your little one, visit the Leawood Aquatic Center. This family-friendly community pool has lots of room for young kids, as well as water slides and fitness areas. The pool is staffed by lifeguards and provides covered areas for relaxing. To find out about admission prices and everything else you need to know, visit

Windsor Park

There’s no better way to get back to nature with your family than by visiting Windsor Park. This park is surrounded by a picturesque creek and covered with lots of trees, while also providing two tennis courts, a playground, lots of picnic tables, and plenty of space for walking, jogging, and just relaxing. The park is free to enter but you can also rent a pavilion for private parties. To find out more, visit the city’s website at

Wonderscope Children’s Museum

(Image by Mike Haney)

It’s never too early to take your family to a children’s museum, and the Wonderscope Children’s Museum offers lots of attractions for everyone! The museum specializes in hands-on, interactive exhibits designed to get children involved and to offer a unique experience they might not get anywhere else.

Exhibits include Crossroads of Past and Future, where children can hop on a stagecoach and riverboat, the Wonder Climber floor-to-ceiling climbing wall, and the Kansas City Café, where kids can cook up some famous KC barbecue. To double-check business hours and find out more about what the museum offers, visit

Pioneer Crossing Park

Pioneer Crossing Park offers over 2 acres of green space, perfect for a leisurely weekend stroll. The park also offers two bronze statues that kids usually love to see and even touch! The park also offers a small playground perfect for toddlers and young kids, making it an excellent spot for the entire family. Visit to find out more.

Overland Park Roofing is happy to make this information available to our readers and we hope it helps you find some fun things to do with a toddler in Shawnee, KS. At Overland Park Roofing, we know that families and especially those with active toddlers have far better things to do on the weekend than worry about roof repairs, but we also know how vital it is that you keep your family warm and dry with a solid roof overhead! If you know your home needs roof repairs or a new roof installation, call us for your no-hassle, no-obligation inspection. We carry a variety of durable, affordable materials for roofing in Shawnee, KS and stand behind all our work with a full guarantee you can trust.


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