What to Do When You Need Emergency Roof Repair in Overland Park

July 4, 2020

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Needing emergency roof repair in Overland Park can be overwhelming for homeowners, as gaping holes in a roof mean interior water leaks and resultant damage including mold growth. If your home’s roof collapsed or otherwise suffered damage during a storm, that rainwater might still be coming down and seeping into your home!

No matter your needs for emergency roof repair in Overland Park, it’s vital that you call a roofing contractor right away. However, while you’re waiting for them to arrive or if you’re calling during a busy season and need to wait a day or so before they can put you on their schedule, note some suggestions for how to protect your roof. It’s also helpful to note a few things to avoid as well, so don’t make that damage worse!

Protect Your Home When It Needs Roof Repair in Overland Park

When you need Overland Park emergency roof repair, your first step is to protect your home from additional damage, at least as much as possible. Use an oversized, outdoor tarp to cover any areas of obvious damage and especially large holes in the roof. Secure the tarp with roofing nails and cover the nails with roof cement, to prevent water from seeping in through the nail holes.

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If your home is already experiencing indoor water leaks, use a large pot or pan over a towel to catch that water and keep it from reaching the floor. Avoid sitting under that leaking area as the ceiling tiles might be softened and ready to collapse!

If the rains have stopped and you’re still waiting for an Overland Park roofing contractor to arrive, you might also tend to some damaged shingles for even more protection. Heat up curled shingles with a heat gun or hair dryer so they soften and uncurl, and then nail them back into place. Slide loose shingles underneath the shingles above them and nail them down, and then seal up gaps and nails with roofing cement.

Stay Safe When Your Home Need Overland Park Roof Repair

While you can cover up some gaps and other damage while waiting for an Overland Park roofing repair contractor, there are a few common mistakes to avoid as well. One vital consideration is your safety; never get onto a wet and slick roof, even if you’re wearing work boots! Experienced roofing contractors in Overland Park often avoid wet roofs due to safety concerns, and a homeowner would do well to do the same.

It’s also important to avoid walking on damaged roof sections, as it might very well collapse right underneath you. Homeowners might also overlook signs of weakened roof sections, increasing their risk of a fall and serious injury.

Another reason to stay indoors during a rainstorm is the risk of lightning strikes. Lightning is attracted to high points and that includes someone standing on a roof! Being hit by lightning while on a metal roof is also downright dangerous, as metal conducts electricity very easily. Wait until the storms have passed before doing anything outside and especially on a ladder or the roof, to ensure your safety.

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Mistakes to Avoid When You Need Emergency Roof Repair in Overland Park

When waiting for a 24-hour roof repair contractor in Overland Park, you want to avoid making that damage to your home’s roof even worse! One important suggestion for homeowners is to call an Overland Park roofing contractor as soon as they know they need roof repairs, even if it’s in the middle of the night. A roofing company might not always answer the phone but many will make appointments for initial inspections in the order calls are received, so it’s vital that you get your place in line by calling right away.

If you do decide to nail some shingles or other materials onto a roof, ensure you use roofing nails! Remember that underneath shingles and tiles is an underlayment material and then plywood decking. Using overly large nails, staples, screws, and other connectors not meant for roofs might result in severe damage to those materials and added Overland Park roof repair costs.

A homeowner might also avoid pulling damaged shingles and flashing off a home’s roof, perhaps thinking that they’re protecting underlying materials or might save on repair costs by removing those items themselves. This can also result in further damage to the underlayment and other roofing layers, and rarely saves any significant Overland Park roof repair costs. Instead, simply cover those damaged areas as best you can and wait for your contractor!

Invest in Overland Park Roof Repair or Replacement?

Emergency roof repair in Overland Park typically starts with a full-scale inspection; that inspection might indicate that it’s time for a new roof altogether rather than repairs! While your Overland Park roofing contractor is the best source of advice for choosing between repairs and a new roof, you might note some added considerations to keep in mind as well.

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One important factor is the roof’s age. Is your home’s roof nearing the end of its expected lifespan? If so, a full roof replacement might be a good long-term investment, rather than paying for Overland Park roof repairs now and then a new roof in just a few years. On the other hand, if the roof is only a few years old and should have several more years of life left, repairs might be all that’s needed to keep it in good condition for another decade or so.

It’s also good to consider the reason for needing emergency roof repair in Overland Park. While a storm might cause roof damage, ask your roofing contractor if poor-quality shingles or a poor roofing installation job might have contributed to that damage! If so, investing in reroofing with name-brand, durable shingles, installed by a reliable roofing contractor in Overland Park, can mean a roof you can rely on for many years to come.

A homeowner would also do well to remember that their budget is an important consideration but sometimes “patching up” a roof repeatedly means more costs over the years than investing in a new roof installation. Eventually roof materials will wear out no matter the quality of your roof repair in Overland Park so you’ll need that new roof anyway, so consider a full-scale reroofing when needed for your home.

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