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Superior-Quality Metal Roofing in Overland Park, KS

Our contractors know the importance of having a durable and long-lasting roofing system, which is why they often recommend metal roofs for Overland Park home and commercial property owners. Over the decades, metal has evolved into an attractive material with many color options.

The days of plain silver are over! Did you know that more homeowners are opting for metal roofs than ever before? In years past, it used to be primarily industrial buildings that chose metal roofing, and that's simply not the case any longer. Trust our company for all of your metal roof needs.

We've been in business since 2012 and have had many opportunities to hone our skills. We'll start you off with a zero-cost and no-obligation estimate. Once you set your eyes on the lowest price in the state, you'll know that our team is a shoo-in for the job. Contact us today to get started!

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Why are so Many Homeowners Choosing Metal Roofs?

Have you heard that residential metal roofing in Overland Park, Kansas, is becoming more and more popular, but you aren't sure why? We're here to enlighten you! There are so many benefits to choosing metal over shingles or other materials. Check them out:

  • Longevity - Metal roofs have an extremely long service life. By comparison, they last 50 years longer than the materials. That means you'll save money on maintenance and repair costs.
  • Light - Metal roofs are surprisingly lightweight and do not require any modifications to your framework in order to accommodate it.
  • Quick Installation - Installing metal roofs is very straightforward and fast. 
  • Minimum Roof Pitch - It really doesn't matter the slope of your roof metal can almost always be installed without a problem.
  • Maximum Rain & Snow Shedding - The surface of metal is hard and slippery and causes snow to melt and slip off so that there is no undue pressure on your roof.
  • Eco-Friendly - Metal is a sustainable material that is also energy efficient.

Did you know you can choose the color of your metal roof? We have plenty of roofing material options to choose from.

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The Sooner You Go With a Metal Roof the Better!

If your current roof is damaged, falling apart, or not energy efficient, the best thing you can do is replace it with a metal system. With metal, you never have to worry about shingles blowing off into your yard, holes, and rarely do leaks ever form.

Keep in mind that the longer you wait to replace your faulty roof, the worse the damages are going to be, and that means more money coming out of your pocket to fix them. The initial cost of a new metal roof can be pricey, but we have programs in place to help finance your venture.

You'll also be happy to know that metal roofs are the cheaper option over time because they are virtually indestructible and are low maintenance. Our customers often say that metal roofs pay for themselves. Are you ready to get a FREE quote from our contractors? We hope to hear from you soon!

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Overland Park Metal Roofing Experts at Your Service!

As a company that is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, we take the safety of our customers very seriously. We understand that we're working on your home or business property which is the most significant investment of your life.

You never have to worry when our contractors are on the scene because we've had years of on-the-job training. We'll start by quickly removing your current roofing system and replacing it with a modernized metal model. Before you know it, your brand new metal roof will be fully functional and ready for action.

If you have any questions or concerns for our team, we ask that you call or email us. It's our pleasure to answer your queries and make sure you understand our services.



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Do You Have an Overland Park Roofing Need? We Have a Service!

Overland Park Roofing is dedicated to giving our customers the solutions that they need and that includes emergency repairs. Are you looking for roof replacement or new construction? We can help! All of our services are available to residential and commercial customers. Call us today for an estimate that'll cost you nothing!

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